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Pure nickel alloy

Key words:Pure nickel alloy
Classification:Pure Nickel Alloy Wires
Summary:Pure nickel alloys have excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength, low magnetic properties, and excellent corrosion resistance. The alloy is widely used in nuclear industry, petrochemical industry and other industries,
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Main uses:

Pure nickel has good conductivity and corrosion resistance, high melting point, no evaporation in the cathode operating temperature range; sufficient thermal evaporation, and good machinability and formability; good influence on the emittance of cathode, and appropriate resistance coefficient, radiation coefficient, thermal conductivity coefficient, because This is mostly used for corrosion resistant components. Precision instrument results and important parts of medical equipment, such as corrosion resistant equipment for chemical industry, filter mesh (cloth) for producing strong alkali, welding rod core wire for pig iron, lamp foot lead wire for bulb factory, high temperature resistant wire core, heating rod lead wire, etc.

Chemical Constituents of Pure Nickel(%)

Other Material

Main performance parameters:
  Resistance Temperature Coefficient:4.5×10-3

If there are special requirements, it can be customized according to customer requirements. All the above are executed in accordance with the standard GB/T5235-2007.

Technical characteristics and requirements:

Our factory produces pure nickel with silk, leather and strip as finished products. Special requirements can also be made according to bars and sheets. The raw materials used are high-purity electrolytic nickel. Full deoxidation and desulfurization were carried out during smelting, and the nickel was easy to be processed in both hot and cold conditions.

Cold dialing line and cold rolled strip supply status, divided into hard finished products (without heat treatment) and soft finished products (without heat treatment), according to user requirements.

Pure nickel alloy
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