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Alloy Making and Use of Compensation Wire

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Key words:补偿导线合金制成
Compensation wire is a thermocouple cable, which uses different components from the extended cable (true thermocouple cable), and is only used to extend the thermocouple signal of the thermocouple sensor back to the instrument.

Compensation wire is made of a cheaper alloy than extension cable. In the case that extension cable contains thermocouple elements and can be used to manufacture thermocouples, the alloy contained in compensation wire has only a temperature-EMF relationship similar to its extension cable counterpart in a limited range. Although they can only be used at ambient temperatures and the accuracy of extended cables is low, they are much cheaper, which means that it is economical to connect compensating wires to instruments rather than to extend cables.

Common compensating conductors include Vx/KCB (for K-type thermocouples) and U-type (for R-type and S-type thermocouples).

Compensation conductors are usually insulated with PVC because their working temperature is within the physical limit of PVC.

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