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Development of Aluminum Alloy Wire for Automotive Fasteners

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Key words:汽车紧固件用铝合金线材
Aluminum alloy wires for fastener applications need to have Forgability suitable for cold forging from working hardening or softening material to fastener head. However, although aluminium alloy has excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, it is difficult to forge because of the reasons mentioned later, existing aluminium alloy can be forged. Fastener head. Nevertheless, research is under way to improve the Forgability of aluminium alloys to help manufacturers of fasteners increase their production.

The mechanism and Countermeasure of reducing forgery: When forging or other plastic deformation, heterogeneous materials first deform in relatively fragile parts, which may lead to defects such as surface wrinkles and cracks caused by local stress concentration.

Heterogeneity results from (1) coarse precipitates and (2) inhomogeneous grain size. Both must be reduced to improve forgability. At the same time, (1) coarse precipitates mainly develop in casting process, (2) non-uniform grain size mainly occurs in hot rolling and drawing process.

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