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Suggestions on Testing and Selection of Alloy Wire by Technical Departments

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Key words:合金丝测试
Measuring and recording information about diameter, ellipticity, resistance, length and weight of scroll and traceability to parent melt on a centralized computer system assures customers that their delivery is exactly what they ordered. Mechanical tests are also carried out to confirm that the wire has been annealed to the correct mechanical strength, elongation or hardness.

Some raw materials have been tested hundreds of times in batches and finished 5kg reels starting with 2 tons of delivery. So when we say "end to end of precision wire", we can confirm what we mean. Resistor wires are increasingly used in automotive applications. Emission control and comfortable heating mean that the ability to manufacture and maintain records in a manner suitable for the industry is a real advantage.

Technological departments can help you determine the wires you need, not subject to a series of alloy constraints, and can accurately recommend suitable materials and obtain them from many high-quality alloy casters. By considering the application, the cross section area, the surface area of heat transfer line and the applicability of alloy can be calculated in each case. With detailed knowledge of internal resistance calculators and alloy properties, it is recommended that alloys be selected whether you are making household electronic radiators or resistor shunts for power supply circuits.

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