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Application of Wire Alloy in Special Environment

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Key words:焊丝合金使用
Welding wire alloys can be made into flat, square or even shaped steel wires. When you start to analyze them, two things that stand out immediately are their oxidation resistance and scaling at very high temperatures. This makes it far superior to other alloys, even at high temperatures and under different heating and cooling conditions. The composition of the wire also enables it to withstand corrosive environment, even serious environment. In fact, it has little effect on wires in fresh or even saline water. This also applies to non-acidic environments. High molybdenum content also makes the alloy very resistant to pitting corrosion.

Further analysis of weld wire alloys shows that the aversion to corrosion and oxidation is due to the presence of niobium, or more specifically to the reaction of molybdenum with nickel contained in the wire. Niobium also has strength and toughness, which means it can depend on acting under extreme conditions. The alloy has good fatigue strength and resistance to stress corrosion cracking of chloride ions, which is the reason why oxidation and corrosion are so rare.

For example, most people know that the two characteristics of steam are that it is the gas phase of water, and it is very hot. Therefore, any machine using steam may be damaged by extreme high temperature or natural corrosion from water. Because of the welding wire alloy environment, you will see that it is used for such things as exhaust systems, pipeline systems, engines and chemical treatment equipment.
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