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Strict quality standards should be met in the manufacture of high performance alloy products

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Key words:高性能合金制品制造

For aerospace and chemical processing applications, strict quality standards are needed to develop and manufacture high-performance high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys to exceed strict specifications.

Compared with commercial grade alloys or carbon steels, our high performance products require longer and more complex multi-stage manufacturing processes. The alloying elements in high performance alloys must be highly refined in the melting process, and the manufacturing process must be strictly controlled to produce accurate chemical properties. The obtained alloy material is more difficult to process because it is more resistant to deformation by design.

High performance alloys require greater force during hot or cold working and are not easily reduced or thinned during rolling or forging. This leads to more rolling, annealing and pickling cycles than alloys with lower properties to achieve appropriate sizes. Some alloys may undergo 40 or more different stages of melting, remelting, annealing, thermal reduction, cold reduction, pickling and testing before reaching the required specifications.

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