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Annealing and Application of Precision Resistance Alloy Wire

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Key words:精密电阻合金丝退火
There are many kinds of transmission forms of resistance wire. It is very important to match the delivery form with the diameter and application of steel wire from 80 mm to 630 mm flange diameter reel and drum/release package or barrel. We can suggest which one is more suitable for your length and payment requirements.

Resistance wires usually provide complete annealing. They are annealed in a furnace with inert atmosphere. The steel wires produced are easy to process and free of grease. Wire drawing lubricants are specially designed to "flash" in the furnace, leaving no trace on the surface. Precision resistance alloy wires can also provide "hard-drawn" wires, as well as lubricating surfaces for certain sizes. If you need more specific mechanical output, elongation or tensile strength range, these can also be produced and tested in our laboratory.

During use, repeated heating and cooling of resistance wires will cause thermal stress to enter the wires. Although alloy combinations have been developed for many years and ensuring that they have linear expansion coefficients at low temperatures has become a key design influence, these stresses will improve life. In cases where it is difficult to replace heating elements, such as heating cables under the floor, bunching or stranding conductors will help. Wire stranding and bundled conductors have the same inspection scheme as solid conductors, so conductors will show the same consistency regardless of the form.

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