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High Temperature and Corrosion Resistance of Alloy 600 Wire

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Key words:合金耐腐蚀性
Alloy 600 wire is a nickel-chromium alloy that provides oxidation resistance at high temperatures. For example, alloy 600 is used in heat treatment equipment, electronic components, aircraft engines, chemical treatment pipelines and applications with temperatures up to 2000 F.

In addition, due to its tolerance to various acids and bases, the line is usually used as a corrosion resistant alloy. The alloy is also used in furnaces and heat treatment because of its excellent oxidation resistance and scale resistance at 980 C.

Other uses include: chlorination processes; treatment of water environments where stainless steel often fails due to cracks; nuclear reactors that include steam generator boiling and major water pipeline systems; preheaters and Turbine Condensers that operate at higher temperatures of about 450 degrees C.

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